Musicians On Call

20% of the Music Heals bracelet will go back to Musicians On Call. Musicians on Call is a non profit that brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients in healthcare facilities. Learn more about what they're doing here.

Shame on Us

Shame on Us is a documentary film by TEN/28 about the stigma associated with Substance Use Disorder and its effect on recovery. The film features interviews with doctors, therapists, drug court judges, those in recovery, and those who have lost loved ones. With this film, TEN/28 hopes to empower people to talk about Substance Use Disorder without social stigma.

20% of sales from this bracelet will be donated to TEN/28 to help with film distribution so more people will be empowered to talk about the shame and stigma associated with Substance Use Disorder.

End Slavery TN

The "Be The Love" bracelet was designed for our partner, End Slavery TN. When you buy this bracelet, 20% of proceeds go back to ESTN to help further their mission: PROMOTE HEALING OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING SURVIVORS AND STRATEGICALLY CONFRONT SLAVERY IN TENNESSEE. 

Past Givebacks 

Nashville Neighbors Fund

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TN Breast Cancer Coalition


Samaritan Recovery Community

The Next Door

Mending Hearts

OVER $27,000 donated through Strings for Hope campaigns!