About Strings for Hope

What is Strings for Hope?

strings for HOPEStrings for Hope is a 501(c)3 non-profit who take recycled musical strings and make them into wearable art.

Musical instrument strings are constructed using mixed metals making them non-recyclable in traditional manners, as a result they end up in landfills. We take those strings and create unique handcrafted wearable art in the forms of bracelets, necklaces and rings for both men and women. Proceeds go back  to food distribution programs, healthcare clinics, and schools in Tennessee and globally in Honduras and Kenya.

What we do:

  • Create unique handcrafted jewelry
  • Partner with local and well known artists and use their strings
  • Keep it green by reusing source materials that are otherwise destined for the landfill
  • Create employment and teach job skills to women in transition
  • Use the proceeds to support food distribution centers, medical clinics, and schools both locally and globally

How did Strings for Hope start?

Strings for Hope founder, Laura Wilson, started with a simple mission to feed her neighbors who couldn’t make ends meet. The resourceful entrepreneur used recycled guitar strings from her husband’s custom guitar shop and began making jewelry.

The handmade jewelry soon became the hottest gift at festivals like Earth Day and Bonnaroo allowing Strings for Hope to become a non-profit in 2011.

Laura Wilson saw a way to give back even more to the community by partnering with The Next Door, a transitional home for formally incarcerated women who are entering community life again. Strings for Hope now teaches the women of The Next Door how to make the recycled jewelry, giving them new trade skills, developing their business sense, cultivating a culture of trust and respect and paying the women for their completion of the one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

As Laura’s dream and company expands we have now introduced training programs in Mending Hearts, Davidson County Jail, Davidson Count Day Reporting and Goodwill.

Matthew 25:16 – 16 The one who had received five talents went off right away and put his money to work and gained five more.